By lonely one / Friday 14 September 2012 10:17 / United States
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By  trollcrusher  |  17

Forever alone.

  gc327072  |  29

This is sad. I felt the same way. I was in the hospital for three months once, only relatives came to see me. OP, you'll find out who your real friends are.

  Welshite  |  39

#23: That's exactly OP's point. No one has come and visited him, therefore labeling him friendless. Hence the nickname "The Lonely One."

By  sasoriakasuna  |  7

I wud visit visit

  JealousMoarQQ  |  2

Use your own advice.

  cnorris31  |  2

How about a kick to the face

By  loloalltheway  |  23

Don't worry OP, I bet their relatives or someone died so they had to go to the funeral. Cough, cough...


The nurses call OP 'the lonely one' because their relatives died and they had to go to a funeral? Logic: Level Pro.

By  GirlOnFire143  |  6

If you did something illegal to land you in there, I probably wouldn't visit you either. Depends on how you landed yourself in the hospital!

  143dav  |  8

Legal or not, if anyone in my family or a friend was at the hospital I would visit them regardless. Ever heard the famous saying,"A friend in need is a friend indeed"?

  jweezy89  |  4

I thought it was, "A friend with weed is a friend indeed!"

  walmartpaysme  |  15

Honestly #6, we all do stupid things from time to time. That's no reason for family to at least come see you. It's not like you're getting hauled off to jail for going to visit a friend in the hospital. I'm just glad you aren't my friend.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

You're defending your comment by saying it's okay to be shit? Well, that's new.

My first thought when someone is in hospital is that he is sick. I'm curious to know what experiences of yours make you jump to illegal activities as a probable choice and what illegal activities you had in mind. High speed car chase?

  GirlOnFire143  |  6

As I have just said: I was trying to think of why people weren't visiting OP in the hospital. You really don't need to bash people who thought of different things.

By  dhall30  |  8

Do they sing "all by myself" to you? If so that would be cruel.

By  Kaleigh090  |  11

Well, start calling your friends and tell them you'd appreciate visitors. If they're your true friends, they'll be eager to come. If not... well... I'll send you flowers.

  Kaleigh090  |  11

I think that's just to get the silly badge. That and people are jealous. I guess for some it sucks when your life is fucked but not quite enough to make it to FML.

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