By annony-moose / Saturday 6 February 2010 18:48 / France
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By  saranottelling  |  7

NOT THE LUCKY CHARMS!!! TAKE THE WHEATIES, ANYTHING BUT THE LUCKY CHARMS!!!!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD???? Sorry... I'm just so emotional when it comes to my breakfast cereal...

  Otto12  |  0

wow, how really is this an FML. first, u didn't even eat them, so no harm done. second, this Is nature, u leave something out to long, things will grow in it. if this was even close to an FML YDI

  KoiTeeth  |  0

@110- Dude, not cool. The orphans in Africa are in a horrible situation. There's nothing to laugh at there. Consider what you're posting. And, yeah, they might enjoy it. Don't you find that sad at all?

By  Bugatti_Veyron  |  0

you "went to the kitchen"? what were you ever doing out of it???


nothing ever said they weren't a woman!


wow people relax! it was a joke!

  Ajjas013  |  6

Are you trying to say women belong in the kitchen because they need to make sandwiches? Chances are that if OP is a man than you could be gay. Maybe you are, maybe you aren't. Or you don't really care about the gender of the creature that makes your sandwich. Which is slightly disturbing.


alright: if it was a woman - make me a sammich! if it was a dude - thats nasty! happy now???

  starfish7  |  18

Maybe he was referring to the fact that French culture revolves around delicious food and why would anyone want to leave their kitchen if it was full of French fare?...although, Lucky Charms don't really belong in a real French diet!

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