By Aprilfools - / Sunday 12 April 2009 10:47 / United States
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  mike7236  |  5

That's true but avoiding finding out if they are an arsehole/whore is not a good idea. Relationships should be tested like this early on so you don't find out later on when it hurts all the more. You should be able to trust them together. If you can't, then they aren't as good to you as you would like to think.

By  0___0  |  9

Wow 0.0 and when I read this everything was at 0 so it said 1 when I voted :D yay. even though like 250 people actually did before me ;] Um... HAPPY EASTER!!!!!! :D GO HAVE SEX WITH A GUY IN A BUNNY COSTUME! :D

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