By Anonymous - / Monday 22 July 2013 18:30 / Denmark - Lemvig
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  Nordrag  |  25

Idk. In his defense, he's being honest that he now understands why someone would do it. Also, there's no proof yet that he has cheated so its simply an observation on his part.

If he has the willpower to not cheat despite understanding why someone else would do it I give him even more props.

  yahoowizard  |  16

It's not as though he's actually cheating on her. It was more of, he never used to understand why any one could cheat on a SO when they were really sick and now he understand what they might have been tempted by... Why FML gotta be all, dump the guy who's been by your side during these 2 sick weeks and probably for longer, just because of some small comment.

  mariepastyglue  |  29

It's not just a small comment, that's no way to talk to your significant other if you actually care and have respect for them. I would have never said something like that to my man when I took care of him for a month due to a flu, especially since he's already sick, why make him feel worse. Cheating isn't something to make a joke out of and there's never an excuse to do it. If you are too weak that those thoughts cross your mind after just two weeks, then you have no business being in a relationship in the first place.!

  xlord  |  27

If it were up to the FML community the divorce rate would be 90%. Of course it was an innapropriate joke but if I ever dated someone whose only flaw was to make a bad joke every now and then I would never let them go.


Can't believe how many people are saying dump him. No wonder relationships never last these days. Do people actually TALK to their partners anymore? Or is immediately dumping someone because they say something you don't like considered the normal thing to do nowadays?

By  Fmlano  |  16

That guy probably doesn't even love you.


It's probably true though, if he doesn't even sound guilty while telling her he cheated.

  Nordrag  |  25

What the fuck? Where does it say he cheated? Eh? He simply stated that he understands why some people would. He did nothing wrong as far as we the readers can tell.


29 - you're right, but it was still implied that he did. Why else would he even talk about it then?

  Fmlano  |  16

It doesn't say he cheated, but come on, would you seriously say that to someone you loved, especially being in that condition? A similar situation would be me fighting with my mom and then saying: "I understand why some people kill their moms...". You just don't say those things. Maybe that's just me.

  kat33_fml  |  7

I'm all for rapist being castrated so in my opinion a women rapist should have her vagina sewn up or something similar to being physically unable to rape again.

By  awkward611  |  26

seriously ill? it's 2 weeks not 2 years...

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