By Anonymous - / Tuesday 7 May 2013 20:17 / United States - Canton
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  doodlecloud  |  26

2 - Not really. OP's sister is either mean or just incredibly stupid. You can't shove that kind of responsibility on people. I really hope OP already kind of wanted a cat, for her sake and the cat's.

By  allisadawn91  |  8

Well you are 35...

By  Mmkay1515  |  21

I mean she has a point...

  retyi43  |  14

I couldn't agree more. I hate that it's some kind of social taboo to be single. Most people I see in relationships are miserable together anyway (one of my sources being this site).

  doodlecloud  |  26

Maybe she escaped the initial cost but now she has to pay for cat food and vet bills for the next like 15 years...so unless OP was planning to get a cat already, it's more of a loss financially.

  Quiet_one  |  22

No animal is really free when you factor in the cost of taking care of it for the rest of its life, and to "gift" a pet to someone who wasn't already planning to get one is irresponsible and rude. OP's sister sounds like an idiot. And thanks to overpopulation, getting a cat for "free" isn't anything special - I didn't pay a cent to get either of mine, and I wasn't even looking for the second one. I'm happy with the 2 I have, but if someone gave me a pet as a gift now I'd be pissed - that's a huge responsibility to force on someone.


Well, I figured the sister probably got the cat from a shelter or something so it already has its shots and everything, rather than picking some mangy feral thing off the streets.

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