By CatLover<3 / Tuesday 18 June 2013 23:27 / United States - Cibolo
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  DKjazz  |  20

It's a good idea, because all pairings start from a common interest. Often conversations are hard to start, but you can start by showing off your cats. Then your cats meet their cats, and you start a big cat family. I know of a very happy elderly couple who live this way now.

By  flashback.miss  |  28

Hey, is your cat at least a good listener? But, you just got to take that first step and get out there. :) If this is something you don't like about yourself change it for your own happiness.

By  applebramble  |  22

I love making conversation with my cat! Example Cat: "meoww" me: no , you didn't! Really ? How was it? Cat: meowww me: aww honey , I'm sure you'll find another cat to hang with . I know it's weird but it's funny to me coz she meows everytime I say something so it's like a conversation (:


I have conversations with my dogs! They go something like this: "HOW'S MY LITTLE PUPPY DOG?? A YOO YOO YOO YOO?! BRRRRR!" And they just look at me as if they were sorry for humanity...

  TheDrifter  |  23

I get the same impression from my pets, like they're just frustrated that we never seem to be able to understand what they're after. The dog's pretty mellow, but I'm pretty sure the cat gets condescending about it.

  brackaman  |  18

What OP isn't telling us is that his cat put on glasses, wrote out a flow chart, and explained in perfect english why OP's new cologne and hair style is making him unattractive.

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