By Wwiimaniac - / Monday 25 June 2012 14:05 / United States - Dallas
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By  Mideoyeo  |  12

Women like men with curves, so don't worry ;)


I find hourglasses old fashion.

  lolfood  |  24

36, they do it automatically!


Heyyyyy shmexy! Yea you over there with the bottle figure!

  ALpein  |  0

How does him having an hourglass shape infer he has mantits?

  EdwardJayms  |  0

I would say eat but in all honesty it doesn't work xD 5 pan au chocolate for breakfast and a croissant to finnish it off daily and still being underweight proves this theory! xD

By  MindFreakazoid  |  10

Aw don't worry, OP! There's always working out and all that! Keep trying :)

  insertnameherr  |  11

I'm pretty sure that's what got him there in the first place.

  fylx100  |  19

It could be a type of disease he has. My boyfriend is skinny because he had malrotation of the intentines and smas. He finally had surgery to fix it last Wednesday!! So he most likely tried not getting that way.

By  commonlogicz42  |  6

For a guy from Texas that is quite an accomplishment.

  efemel94  |  7

Texas is known to have a high percentage of obese citizens. Therefore, he was saying how it's an accomplishment that he is so skinny in such a commonly obeise surrounding.

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