By subduedbeast / Monday 27 October 2014 18:48 / United States
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  kinky44  |  28

What a coltastrophe!

  ELoni_fml  |  25

Maybe it's not a sign. My god OP, how much do you weigh?!


Here in Poland, in the mountains, horses die quite regularly because they are forced to draw carriages overloaded with tourists. So yes, it is possible to kill a horse if the carriage is too heavy.


That took me by surprise! When u was reading I thought it would be like a horse shat on his girlfriend or something similar, but I did not expect them to die! This needs a follow-up!

  Seabiscuit218  |  12

HAY man, this was a BARN enough pun to make me say NEIGH never again

  gatorclay97  |  28

#18 ...Uhh... I'm sorta scared...

  1947Chevy  |  17

83 horse is actually a delicacy in many countries. I an not beyond the idea of trying it once just to see how it tastes. In this situation I would pass though

By  ScottVining  |  21

How romantic

By  j_cat187  |  19

How long will it take for someone to use 'beating a dead horse' puns?

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