By WatchOut / Friday 16 August 2013 16:04 / Singapore - Singapore
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Do you not know how time works? If her watch reads 5 minutes fast if the student arrived 5 minutes late he/she would just appear to be 10 minutes late. I'm more concerned that 115 people agreed with him..


Not necessarily. There are several variables that could lead to a "last-possible-minute" submission. For example, there have been many times where I have had to work on a few of my practicum assignments an hour before it was due, due to difficulties getting into the schools for the school's reasoning; difficulties scheduling time to meet the cooperating teacher; and even working around the schedule of other classes (assignments and meetings). I have a friend who's a social work major. She's required to work with a semi-retired social worker. She only works on Fridays, and my friend's assignments are always due on Friday night.

Although you aren't in fault in this case, sending something in 5 minutes before a deadline is always a bit tricky. If your computer fails you or Internet shuts down you're in a whole lot of trouble that you can't fix in 5 minutes. So in the future you might want to send it in a bit earlier. Now, you should probably be able to prove that you sent it in on time if it was via a computer and perhaps complain to a committee or something. Hope it works out for you OP.


I agree with both of you handing in something in just the nick of time is like passing with a 50% sure you passed but it doesn't look good so I'm sorry but YDI op.

By  obnum

I know there's not enough info for me to know WHY you sent it at 1:55, but this is why it's always best to do things earlier than five minutes before the deadline.

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