By involuntary waxing / Sunday 15 January 2012 09:00 / Canada
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  MissMae93  |  23

119 - "You is girl"? I believe what you're attempt at a comment should say is "you are a girl." Grammar is your friend, you should use it every now and again.

  attaboy368  |  20

yeah I was wondering what the heck she was taking and what the heck for too...gross and weird and I hope it isn't contagious!

  NuTrees  |  9

That is horrifying! Eh to have a glue like substance ooze out of your vagina and stick your underwear to your skin. Ehk what man made medicine can do to the body.

  Fiskerz  |  0

Thumbs down because I want pancakes ;(

  dlohoh978  |  8

Lol I had pancakes for breakfast!

By  tifani322  |  13

That's.... Interesting. Have fun trying to unstick yourself :)

  gary_bush2000  |  2

Hey that is pretty crazy

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