By Jakub89 / Sunday 5 June 2011 20:31 / Canada
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By  PrickHead  |  0

you sound to me like a depressed loser
just sayin...


Online dating sites, even though they want to say they are, they are not really personal. The best way to meet new people is going out, doing activities, volunteer, get in a class of some sort, anything that at the same times boosts your self-esteem! Have fun with life, you can't be in an eternal search for that "someone"! Do the stuff you love the most and the rest will flow.

  bubble25_fml  |  5

40 you sound just like a fortune cookie, and while you make it sound so fulfilling and light, some people just don't have the time and energy to do that and online dating sites are extremely helpful for that.


my mom found my stepdad on an online dating site... he's the biggest dumbest old prick ive ever met and i hate him with every ounce of my being... yeah.. dating sites work great.. -.-

  sheethapins  |  13

If you don't have time to do activities or classes to meet people, you probably don't have time for a relationship. If you're busy all of the time how do you expect to have time to spend time with a lover? Aren't there off days in peoples lives? I think that if you don't time for online dating you got time to go to a park or social function.

  bubble25_fml  |  5

59, if you join an online site site because you don't have time to go out and "take classes" chances are that you'll meet another person who also does not have time to go out and "take classes"... interesting how that works out huh??

  rofflewaffle  |  9

Pshhh. I met my boyfriend on /b/. We've been together over three years. People only think online dating is weird because it's still relatively new. Yeah, there are creepers online sometimes, but there are creepers in bars, clubs, parks, supermarkets, and everywhere you go. That's no reason to pooh-pooh it. It works for some people and not for others. I've always found you find the best partners if you meet them doing something you both have in common. I have friends that met playing WoW who are getting married soon. To each his own!


My fiance and I met on an online dating site. We've been together almost 3 years. My dad met his current wife on there (and ironically enough he was matched with my mom who had divorced him 10 years earlier so they're not perfect). They're not for everyone but can work great.

  zendaddy0  |  0

at least you diddent get upside down letters I swear I had to get on a whole nother site to do that then I found out you could use normal letters the whole time feels bad man

  a_nutritionist  |  10

@40 yeah good idea, partake in activities you wouldnt normally do just so you can meet people. that way youll find someone who enjoys doing things you dont enjoy, and youll end up being stuck in a place you dont want to be, waiting for the day they give up that thing you never wanted to do in the first place...OR you could just be proactive in the activities you enjoy - so say, going online? - and meet people there. have you tried meeting people in places you dont enjoy going? it sucks. they end up being someone you really dont connect with.
its sad the closed off mentality people have to meeting people, as though theres a right and wrong way to do it. if you even stop for a moment to consider what that means, youll realise what a crock of shit it really is.


#116 By activities I didn't mean camping or something you don't enjoy. For example, lets say OP had always wanted to learn how to use Photoshop real nicely, then go get in some Graphic Design classes. I meant doing something OP had always been interested in doing but hadn't done, not to force himself/herself to do something he/she doesn't wanna do!

By  iLikeWaffles155  |  5

Well, are you a depressed loser?

By  matt0794  |  1

interesting, my CAPTCHAs are usually random letters and numbers and such. indeed FYL.

By  hamster_10  |  2

if your computer can tell your a depressed loser you must be a seriously depressed loser

By  ShelbyyCakess  |  0

the amount of depressed losers have been going up lately.

By  XxMaseratiGurlxX  |  1

haha! wow.. hmm.. thats fantastic.

  Blueglasscup  |  18

Sorry I just find it kind of odd that someone so young is driving such an expensive car. I mean how good of a driver can you be at the age of 16? You've just recently learnt to drive and you're driving a good car that you might bang up due to inexperience... But if it's true then good for you. And yes I would be fucking jealous seeing how I'm 15 and I'll only be able to drive at 18 and I'll probably never be able to afford a Maserati.


no that was meant for 89 sorry :)

but ive been driving since i was 11. its my passion. i am a verry good driver and a very smart one as well. i dont street race. and thiis particular maserati actually isnt too expensive. its an affordable exotic car. who knows maybe one day youll get something better :)

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