By nochance - / Thursday 5 March 2009 16:06 / United States
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Agreed! That's a horrid thing to do! Condolences OP. I'd call the vet to make sure before you give your mom hell though.


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@ #2...I agree. :( that's so fucked up! OP, you need to confront her about it because that is just fucking wrong. That was YOUR dog. If I were you, I would disown her, literally. What an evil bitch.


Yes there will be. They can look who signed the paperwork for the dog being put down. This woman is an evil bitch who should be put down.

Reported or not, even if she did do it, there may not be proof. OP, my sympathies. I have two dogs, and they're like children to me. Good luck.

Aww, I'm sorry to hear that. My mom once gave away my cat and lied to me. I understand how hard it is to lose a pet. You have my regards. I would confront your parent if I was you. And interrogate her.

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