By Anne - / Saturday 14 February 2009 20:50 / United States
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  Alicia_Raven7  |  0

people are idiots. they do that even though the OP doesnt deserve it. i mean look at the people whos best achievement in life is yelling "first!" to being the first comment. its a sad world we live in.

By  primogen18  |  0

Sorry to hear that, my friend's parents didn't tell him his dog died til he went home a couple months later, and now I'm moved out and states away from my parents I always worry about my dog as I miss him.

By  bummervacation  |  10

WIN!!! finally! a first post that provides humour and isn't FIRSTTTTT111!!!!!!111!!!11!!!!!!!!11!!!*creams pants*11!!!!!!!!1!!!111!!!!!! i think i can safely say i love you now


Today, I witnessed the most awful park job ever. Without thinking, I found a piece of paper and wrote on the back, "Nice park, asshole". Turns out it was an old airline boarding pass, and my name, address and phone number were neatly displayed with the message. FML

By Queensland / Friday 17 July 2015 04:12 / Australia
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