By Anonymous / Wednesday 30 December 2010 17:47 / United States
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By  minenotyours  |  0

first! and that suck... people are always hitting on me since I'm a girl gamer though. it's even funnier when my brother uses my account. lol awkward...

  nirvanafan980  |  0

my ex girlfriend is hot and she's a gamer.

  ImOlivia  |  5

Im a gamer o.o

By  leasha12111  |  0

Stop playing Call of Duty then

  Mustardnight  |  3

no, just because a person plays video games, it makes them a fatass. Duh. I dont think anyone actually cares whether the op is a guuuuurl, doesn't that make you of the sexist variety more than that other dude?


By  Youre_not_sorry7  |  2

ydi for having your life be call of duty then, stop playing and go out into the world and like get a bf haha :)

By  Seventytimeseven  |  0

well guys will probably see you more like a guy if you play their same games and stuff. So perhaps no more COD?

By  The_Cardinal  |  0

less Call Of Duty, more treadmill

By  flylikemusic  |  0

I'm with #5. Less COD more exercise.

By  NotEven  |  0

Maybe you should turn off the video game and go out where you can meet real people.

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