By sadf4x0r - / Wednesday 24 February 2010 17:27 / United Kingdom
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  TapeMan_3000  |  0

what I meant to say was that Justin beiber likes men in his pants. cause he borrows pants from other men. after he slept with them. on a camping trip. in the boy scouts. so basically he has no talent and sings like a loser. but MW2 is fun unless everyone camps.

  troyboyd05  |  0

Uh, I actually support snickerdoodles on this one. Justin Bieber is possibly the gayest thing on this planet. Everyone I've asked has said he likes penis. A lot.

  Darraghscoot  |  0

the first thing snickerdoodles has ever said that i agree with! still dont like her tho :/ if it werent for her sometimes bitchy comments i wud swear she was an admin

  DGross  |  8

Yea, usually I'm in the camp of those who don't like snickerdoodles' corrections, however, this time I agree with her. I don't understand what all the fuss is over this Justin guy... I could understand the hype over Jacob but this guy just sucks (in more ways than one probably)

  Darraghscoot  |  0

probably the first thing i ever agree with snickerdoodles on! still doesnt make up for the other stuff. Justin bieber is gay !! I fell in love with him! another zac effron?

  Darraghscoot  |  0

lol original definintion lots of laughs or laugh out loud but now it is so fucking overused and nobody even laughs when they say it i think it really shud mean lack of laughfter.And whoever says lawl is a fucking faggot!

  Jessi_Rose96  |  0

Bieber would make a very pretty girl. If he wasn't famous, he would be made fun of at school because of his gay face, gay hair, and gay voice. Not to mention the way he says "shawty."

  xxrogerthatxx  |  19

137, your mad pretty, snickerdoodles, most of the time I would say fuk off, or some shyt like that, but I agree with you this time. everyone needs to get the fuk off his 2inch dick because they were about 5 Justin beibers in this world. Zack effron, Corbin blue, etc. not to mention he is a damn female, high ass voice and he is 15.

  RKftw  |  0

Justin bieber is the son of Alvin and the chipmunks... why do we worship him? I fell that if I rebel I will be put in a dark room with his music play 24/7

  Tripout  |  0

Snick don't listen to them  you're cool and filled with wisdom among the art of words .

ALSO, WTF??? How can it not be op she's talkin to if they just said that she talks to him over..... I'm confused 


Summary: Snickerdoodles is annoying as fuck or is an annoying fuck, however it true that Justin beaver is a shit eating cockmaster that sucks souljahboy's talentless cock and does not deserve the fame. I am not
saying that i deserve the fame but he truely is also an annoying fuck or also annoying as fuck

  orangefanta  |  0

why is snickerdoddles hating on Justin so we could stop hating her for a while?? she's not annoying because she corrects grammar but because she is so stuck up and pretends to be better than all the others when in fact she changes her picture to make her more appealing to the other commentors. insecure much?? I got this account to bash her thanks

  bobman555  |  0

lawl lawl lawl lawl
lawl lawllawl lawllawl lawllawl lawllawl lawllawl lawllawl lawl lawl lawl lawl
lawl lawllawl lawllawl lawllawl lawllawl lawllawl lawllawl lawllawl lawl lawl lawl
lawl lawllawl lawllawl lawllawl lawllawl lawllawl lawllawl lawl ur a faggot noone gives a shit about the meaning lol it involves laughter that it.

  chelzy  |  0

snickerdoodles wins... for once. Justin beiber is a queer. btw, I moved my xbox into my girlfriends house so we could play at the same time. try that.

By  Lg11  |  3

I don't get it :/

  sarcdude  |  3

same, I had the general idea but I didn't see what the fml in this was. seriously, I've never played this game before but I'm sure that like other first person shooters that it has co-op, so OP, shell out the $40 for a wireless controller.

By  colomexparra  |  0

how would she be perfect for every guy? u sure shes not a man??? double check.

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