By TheJuggla17 - / Tuesday 22 December 2009 05:45 / United States
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why so negative??? [Chorus:] Pay pay pay pay paper I can get your cush if you got the right paper I can get your pacs or the pills for the paper I can get your bricks of that white for the paper shawty I can change your whole life for that paper yeah [Verse 1:] Paper ain't an issue iv been gettin money Iv done moved them pacs when that dealing is sunny I drop it in the pot it jump out Like a bunny my recipe is funny a little bit of this a little bit of that I hit it with a

How do you know he was even shredding your resume and not something else?? Geez, you're a bright little ray of sunshine aren't you. I wouldn't want to employ someone as pessimistic as you.

a bit overly sensitive aren't we? don't assume it's your application. keep on keeping on. just say "some will, some won't, so what, next."

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