By Sad Chef ;( / Friday 5 December 2014 03:33 / United States
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  adrian1910  |  14

Or maybe op girlfriend was trying to dodge the bullet

  JayGatsby  |  25

#47, I agree that she might not have been ready to commit to marriage, but a criticism, even if it's nice, might not have been the best thing to say after rejecting someone's marriage proposal.

  zBLAKEz  |  23

39, That's not true. There are many women who are not like this. There are numerous women who are understanding and not impossible to please. There are both men and women who are impossible to please, just like there are both men and women who are okay with their partner giving a minimal amount of effort. And there's people who are in between that, with moderate expectations.

To suggest that all women are like this, or that only women are like this, is honest quite sexist.

By  tzemmy  |  25

looks like you need to upgrade your recipes as well as your girl OP. rejection sucks

  TallMist  |  31

If it was mentioned earlier in the meal, I would not have proposed after hearing how much that my cooking "sucked". I may not break up with them, but I'd be left a little sour. Too much so to propose.

  surranger  |  19

want to know what else is bland and tasteless? these nuts in your mouth :o

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