By jerk_ex_boyfriend / Sunday 21 April 2013 13:33 / United States - Narberth
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  EventCats  |  6

#40: Probably something like this: She walks in and the house is filled with candles. There is a trail of rose pedals leading up into his bedroom. There sits the boyfriend on the bed covered in rose pedals. She gets very excited and jumps in the bed... Only to shoved by her boyfriend and everyone comes into the room and says, "SURPRISE. YOU'RE SINGLE NOW!"

By  aliyourpally  |  12

His mom has nothing to do with your break up.

  lilhellian  |  26

We don't know age, wether or not is a "good girl" or any of that. I really would like more details.

  Sekkaichi  |  12

I'm not close to my parents, so you might be right, #115,116. I was thinking that OP's boyfriend/ex wasn't asking for advice and that his Mom wanted him to break up with her too.

  Damian95  |  16

I guess being an asshole IS genetic.

  katties  |  27

The act of breaking up doesn't itself make anyone an asshole. Neither does talking about it with your mom. We really can't know the circumstances here.

  jamjam12  |  15

55 thank you! I really don't understand why everyone is calling this guy an asshole! As far as we know, he didn't even do anything wrong. And yeah it sucks what happened to OP, but is it really FML worthy?

  NagainaFier  |  16

In all honesty, it's not their fault she overheard.

Not saying I agree with them doing this while she's within ear shot (or at all), but playing devil's advocate.

By  juliaannw  |  11

Show him whats good, get someone better so he can watch you be happy without him.

  Genociiide  |  15

Do you practice the jealously tatic? Because that's really just using someone,and is unfair to the one you're using. OP just find someone who is amazing for YOUR sake, fuck you douchebag (ex) boyfriend.

  Genociiide  |  15

It's the fact that he was discussing it with his mother while she was within earshot that makes him a douchebag, nobody wants to hear their significant other asking their mom how to get rid of them. He should've done it while she wasn't around then broke up with her face to face. At least that's my opinion.

  BrookRae  |  19

You're actually jumping to conclusions. None of us know whether or not he knew she heard him talking to his mom about it. So your "opinion" isn't even an opinion. It's just an assumption.

  Genociiide  |  15

Every opinion is valid really, it doesn't matter what it is. It also doesn't really matter if he knew or not, its still wrong to talk about it while she was able to overhear. I didn't say anything about him knowing she overheard.

By  LolFMLnot  |  10

Well, if he had to go to his mom for advice for a break up he wasn't a real man.


Considering all the fml breakups I don't think he's that bad. Maybe he went to his mom to get advice on how to do it gently, as opposed to writing messages on a mirror or making out with some girl in front of her.

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