By NickDrakeFan - / Tuesday 29 October 2013 01:57 / United States
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Yea next time try to turn an awkward situation like that into a positive one. You could just laugh it off and everyone would laugh with you, or call him out because clearly he was a douche bag. Either way, try again. Think a situation out before you run.


It really does. I used to have a HUGE fear of public speaking, voice cracked, hands shook, forgot everything, did terrible, but I had to do a lot of it in school and over time I got used to the fear and could do a good job on them. There's all types of things you could do, like make a joke out of it or adlib a line in your song about him being a douche, but, most important thing is to sit through it and keep doing it. That's really the trick to being comfortable in front of a crowd, so don't


"Needs more cowbell" is a skit from SNL when Blue Oyster Cult played "Don't Fear the Reaper" Now, Dodge4x4Ram, I'll sing that exact song to you while your comment gets down voted. ;)


#3, an odd coincidence is that Christopher Walken's character in that sketch was named Bruce Dickinson, which is also the name of the lead singer of Iron Maiden. Weird, huh?

Hey OP, at least you decided to actually do something about your fear and that at the very least is admirable. I wouldn't give up performing just because of one asshole, so keep doing what you want.

It's okay OP, just try again. People always yell stuff at the stage, I think I've heard both of those at every genre of concert I've been to. You just have to play along.

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