By wtf - / Wednesday 30 May 2012 21:34 / United Kingdom - Staines
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  htbaafly  |  7

It means his rectum has maximised its semen storage capacity

  br0ccoli  |  14

I believe Pleiadians (sp?) are an alien race that look like really tall Nordic people who are allegedly helping Earth with our ascension into a higher level of consciousness for the upcoming 2012 alignment of the solar system or something. It is believed that occasionally they choose to be born into human families to help others. When that happens, they are called 'Starseeds' and they have different missions on Earth, but mostly, helping us Earth people in being happier and living at a higher level of consciousness. I think OP's dad thinks he is a Starseed from Pleiades. That is my contribution for the day :D if I'm totally off the mark, let me know.

  _ebbonyy  |  11

It made me think of the Inbetweeners movie when Jay gives the douschey guy the money that was up his ass to snort his drugs with and he ends up snorting Jay's shit, hahaha. am I the only one? yes? okay.

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