By jeremiah / Sunday 6 November 2011 08:21 / Australia
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By  xJudii  |  5

Diesel, the new petrol.(:

  Lanceeden  |  12

The diesel scrirocco will get you down to morocco
On one tank of diesel
With 55 mpgiesel.

  Lanceeden  |  12

Whoever doesn't get that song up there ^^^ is an embarrassment to the motoring community.

  Keyman1212  |  14

Really 17? You're 15. You can't legally drive anywhere in the world other than countries where they don't care if you die. How can you be part of the motoring community if you can't drive? Oh wait, you can't.

  bubble25_fml  |  5

In some states you can get a license as early as 15 and a half, so long as you went to driving school. Granted that license has a lot of limitations, but it's legal nonetheless.

  DjeePee  |  24

...Really? Teenagers can't drink even a little sip of beer in America, because 'it's dangerous', but they can drive when they are 15? Some things I'll never understand.

  SlaveToRetail  |  10

15 1/2 you can legally drive with a PERMIT.
Age 16 is when you can get your license. That's at least how it is here in Washington state.

We're not all a bunch of inbred, drunk dumbasses, you know. Some of us work hard for a living, go to school to get an education, and try to promote a more positive future for the world. I eat healthy and exercise regularly so that I'm not another damn statistic in the obesity percentage.

I always feel a slight twinge in my heart for the people that give America a bad name, and those who perceive us as just a country of ONLY fat idiots.

  DjeePee  |  24

And a car accident can (serious) fuck someone else his life up.

I just don't get that you (and many other people) think teenagers aren't responsible enough to deal properly with alcohol (something that will only affect their own life), but that they are to ride a car (something that can affect a lot of lives). Really, I see no logic.

  tedjordan21  |  3

You just dont understand the complex thinking of fat people. We're tryin to put so much weight in america that it causes the earth to tilt in a way that all of america can have nice weather all year round. No more cold winters. No more hot summers. Just 75 degrees year round

  XxDevilxXGt  |  26

Why do people think that teens can't be responsible with alcohol? Because they can't. I'm 17 and for the past couple of years the idiotic kids in my school have parties and get totally drunk out of their mind. Also its effects are harmful. Most of the kids in the world nowadays, more specifically in the US, are stupider than ever(no offense to the Americans that aren't) I think the limit to drive would be fine at 18 everywhere, 15 is stupid.

  VickLynx  |  6

103. I agree with you. I think the legal age of driving should be higher. We don't need teenagers driving on streets where they could cause serious death and injuries to others and themselves.

  DjeePee  |  24

'Most of the kids in the world nowadays, more specifically in the US, are stupider than ever'

If kids are stupider than ever, which I absolutely don't think, then that's the fault of their education. If we learn teenagers that they aren't allowed to use their brains and that we, the smart adults, will decide for them what's good and what's bad and that we will be held responsible for every stupid thing they'll do, well yeah, then you get teenagers who don't use their brains and do stupid things.

If there is one thing I will learn todays youth, then it will be that they are smart and mature enough to be hold responsible for their acts. And I also won't use the 'drugs are bad, don't use it!' or 'you can get pregnant from sex, don't do it!' method, because that clearly doesn't work.

  dre_bro11  |  12

How about we just leave it at 'Teenagers can't handle alcohol; they're minds are not fully developed yet, and they're just fucking it up for later', and 'As long as you're going to drive responsibly any age above say 15 would be suitable for one to drive, not forgetting that special rules should still be enforced for these learners'.

  guitgod1  |  11

#51 yup, at the age of 18 in America you can smoke cigarettes, vote, drive and join the military but Alcohol is FAR too dangerous for such impressionable young people.

By  Miss_Michaela  |  10

Save him the embarrassment when you go to the garage, and tell them it was your wife.

  DrDilllonReese  |  12

Yeah, the brother deserves it just for being a supporter of diesel

  Kristoffer  |  30

@#85: you mean like that gasoline-powered Honda that just went in the record books for logging a million miles? The proliferation of diesel-powered cars (not pickups) is due to the fact that for many years, diesel was significantly cheaper than gasoline. That's no longer the case.
I drive a diesel pickup truck; it's my Dad's. I can't really speak to why he chose a diesel engine rather than gasoline but as I understand it, those engines are better for heavy-duty use than gasoline engines are, which is why they're used in big rigs.

By  ZebulonPike  |  8

My dad did that once. Why do people do things like that?

By  iancomings  |  3

dude ur bro is a retard

By  walkdestroyer  |  2

Haha, you should have clarified

  Kristoffer  |  30

Diesel isn't petrol (gasoline). Diesel is a thicker, less volatile petroleum product. In the engine, it's not ignited by a spark but rather by the latent heat of the heads (or glow plugs, when the engine is warming up) in combination with the pressure of the pistons compressing the fuel/air mix. So surely, #111, you meant what type of fuel, not what type of petrol.

By  kirsty1551  |  3

FYL. whats the difference?

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