By thanks, Nemo. / Thursday 11 July 2013 23:13 / United States - Hayward
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  persianninja  |  23

Yep my cousin through my iPad out a 2 story window but thankfully the case I got for it protected it sorry OP but a lifeproof case might not have been a bad idea hopefully you can get it replaced

By  football98_fml  |  20

im not really sure, but that seems kinda fishy to me...


Hey, it couldve been worse. Some kids probably end up using their parents phone and accidentally come across something sexually inappropriate

  AshleyScruggs  |  14

6- I was wondering the same thing. I don't even trust other adults with my phone because of how expensive it is, so you can sure as hell bet that I wouldn't leave it with a three year old.

  morgasshk  |  14

Exactly my thoughts - why people insert on letting kids play with phones and tablets without being directly supervised. Lol, one slip of my daughters hand on my wifes phone whilst using a drawing app and she is into app store and making phone calls (which we catch before it proceeds!)

By  Thundering_Jibbs  |  13

I guess we could say your phone is...

Lowers Sunglasses...

Swimming with the Fishes.

Sorry Perdix, I just had to.

By  kurodansei  |  16

Well I hope you got insurance on that thing or your sunk.

  kurodansei  |  16


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