By Pita - / Saturday 4 December 2010 20:35 / United States
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  Fortuitous  |  0

Whenever the boyfriend eats pita bread, he gets a pain in his ass. So, he applied the same concept to his girlfriend. Although I don't see how that would give you ass pains.


and u thought it was the slang for dick, right?

  mike3775  |  30

Man even my youngest kids knows what pita means, as they say that instead of saying the actual words


in mexico dick is called pito so pita is like dicka or something like that hard to explan -.-"

  Luke1717  |  0

32 I think ur thinking of "pitta" bread

  chenoa_fml  |  0

lol pita has been my nickname growing up, sort of short for my middle name.. hahahah!

  Markii10  |  0

Actually he said PITO, not PUTA.

  mitri_fml  |  3

frakin capitalists trying to talk Spanish

  lyn29  |  0

no puta is slut pene is dick and polla is pussy -.- i ve been learning spanish for many years now .. i think i know ...

By  YoungMoney1492  |  0

anal is tight lol literally

By  YoungMoney1492  |  0

u deserve it for having a "pet name"


me & my boyfriend have pet names. lol im hannah bear & he's matty poo

By  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

rofl! thats hilarious, but, time to dump the SOB

By  DrAwesome  |  6

I bet you don't even care for animals either.

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