By ThatHurts - / Monday 14 November 2011 00:11 / Canada
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By  plehning77  |  0

How the heck do u accidentally grab someones ass? Haha. YLS :P

  cradle6  |  13

Double standard. Imagine if the genders were opposite in this fml and a male punched a girl in the face for accidentally touching him.

If your life is in danger, then sure, use violence to survive, but attacking someone for something that easily could have been accidental is insane.

And OP's girlfriend is an abusive bitch.

  NullPointer  |  20

True about the double standards for sure. A girl shouldn't be able to punch a guy in the face for accidentally grabbing her ass any more than a guy should be able to punch a girl for accidentally grabbing his ass. Even if it wasn't accidental, giving someone a black eye is extreme. I really hope he left his girlfriend. I'd consider pressing charges. That isn't an appropriate response.

By  FYLDeep  |  25

I believe that's supposed to be "whose ass" and not "who's ass". I'm sure a mod is probably watching this, so I'm guessing is going to magically be corrected soon.

By  iam_yummylicious  |  12

I just grabbed a girls butt today by accident. She returned the favor by grabbing my crotch :S

By  catseventhst  |  0

Wtf if I was at a party and accidentally grabbed a girls ass she would have turned around and we would have gone in a room and the rest is history....

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