By IcyWinter / Wednesday 2 April 2014 08:16 / Canada - Winnipeg
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  GodPart2  |  20

Or her diary's pages?

  joea21  |  21

Called a parenting fail.

  Axel5238  |  29

Not necessarily lots of kids end up doing dumb shit regardless what the parents taught them. As you get older it's assumed you know better. Though apparently not, kids taking selfies hanging from trees and smoking pot before going into a court house. I don't think there parents figured they had to say something it's assumed.

  Dawnstempest  |  17

@18 At some age you can no longer blame the parents. Yes, it IS their fault when the kid is a child. But at some age the independence and ability to rationally think for yourself begins to form in a child. When that happens, the child must take responsibility for their actions -- and is no longer a child. Fifteen is about when that starts (though they aren't capable of fully rational thought yet -- hence why we don't allow them to choose marriage at 15, by themselves, in ANY country that has sense).

  MortenM  |  17

Lack of common sense = parental fail

  Axel5238  |  29

Can't really blame the parent at that age the kid should've known better. Same if the kid was dumb enough to stick something in an outlet at that age or didn't know how to make toast. Lots of dumb kids in videos one of my favorites are the kids drinking flaming shots and his hair or shirt caught fire. If they don't have somethings figured out by the time they are a teen one has to wonder about the person and how they survived that long.

  metalwolf  |  17

usually if a 15 year old is writing on a wall it is called vandalism. Maybe she thought she could vandalize the wall and get away with it because its washable.

By  Faddyy6  |  17

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  FitForFun  |  11

Okay but there are levels and ranks to stupid. Like there is doing stupid stuff, then there is just being plain stupid. This is a level of plain stupid that is hard to reach.

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