By Anonymous - / Tuesday 29 May 2012 17:50 / Netherlands - Lelystad
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  lamort_fml  |  4




If the FML you're referring to is on the same page, the you don't really need to say "(FML reference)".

At least I hope not. Unless people on this site have gotten really dense...

  evilplatypus  |  36

32 - if you're on a phone, that FML isn't on the same page. Also, if you're viewing the FMLs from top to bottom (like most people), you would probably read that one AFTER this one (unless you are in the minority and check every few hours like you and I do). So it was a perfectly legitimate thing to say to keep people from going "lol, WTF? *thumb down*"

  EyesofStone  |  27

And think about the future, 32. I've seen perfectly good and humorous comments get burried because people started seeing it in the random section, and therefore had no way to connect the FML to the one being refferenced. In fact, for the good of FML, I propose that we all do this.

  PrincessPesa  |  20

No thanks, I prefer to write my comments in a land far far away from your proposed (F)MLA format. Fuck format! If you get it, fab. If not, move on! FMLA citations. Feh. (Any US students with any clue what i'm talking about? You get a treat!)

  evilplatypus  |  36

44 & 64 - I'm muy jealous. I double checked when I typed that and the last FML on my page was the "eating disorder - duh" story. It's just blank below that. Anyone else have trouble loading the whole page? I'm using the iPhone app.

By  TrimKibbles  |  12

Well be nicer then. Problem solved.

By  XxAnnie23xX  |  15

Guess you should try to do something to make her happy maybe take her on a date or to the movies to show how much you love her, otherwise you might be single. FYL.

  Il_Maestro  |  6

Perhaps you might consider the possibility that OP has been trying to show her how much he cares for her and simply doesn't feel that she expresses as much appreciation as he would like to see.

  klutzyduck1  |  24

Easy solution to feeling like you're not getting what you want/need out of a relationship: communication. The worst thing that's going to happen is someone yells, and really is that so scary? If you can't discuss things like mature adults, maybe that means it's not a great fit. I hate passive aggressive bs, because if he is "spilling his guts" by saying this, he's keeping a lot inside.


Nope, she isn't going to "catch herself". My daughter is the same way. She doesn't think she's doing anything wrong. Her and I have fought a lot about this, until she can admit it's an issue, it's not going to stop.

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