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Bullshit, 34. I had friend who used to put maple syrup on everything. Slowly but surely he started transforming into a maple tree. First it was his arms that turned to tree limbs, that's when I tried getting him to stop, but he wouldn't. Then went his legs, and after a few months we had to plant him in his parents back yard. Yes, I do have a diabetic maple tree as a friend now.. Moral for the story is, don't eat too much maple syrup or you'll turn into a tree boys and girls.


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Woah woah woah #35. I hate to burst your bubble, but if you think "burnt bacon" is "Canadian bacon", then you have not yet eaten Canadian bacon. It's the back bacon, cut thicker and usually is in a patty shape rather than strips. It could also be referring to peameal bacon. Sorry dude, you've been living a lie. And Canadian bacon is wonderful, just sayin'.


#8, every good Canadian knows that there are only two seasons; "Hockey Season" and "Not Hockey Season" If he doesn't know this, then he falls under the "Evil Canadian"


Today, I decided to fix my bike and take it for a test ride. Five minutes in, a bee flew into my eye and stung me. In pain, I thought it would be best to go home. I turned around to find a big pitbull running towards me. The dog chased me for a mile before giving up. FML

By unojo08 / Friday 1 October 2010 19:26 / United States
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