By sleepingbeauty / Sunday 24 April 2016 08:45 / United States - Jackson
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By  bronxiecat777  |  14

Maybe it's a good idea to talk face to face about how you feel

By  Droneman  |  17

El em ayoooo

By  bronxiecat777  |  14

Maybe it's a good idea to talk face to face about how you feel

  bre88  |  18

It's possible that they have talked face to face since OP gave 2 examples of their communication. Some people just don't care to engage in conversation. And if that's the case with your boyfriend, you may be better off without. Sorry OP.

  krazy789  |  28

He obviously doesn't care about her feelings or he wouldn't have replied "ok". But they do need a face to face discussion to see what's in his mind.

  Miss_Whipped  |  41

I will offer some insight into a similar situation. I always tell my boyfriend that I refuse to argue or communicate serious issues via text. If he wants to write novels via text about his feelings, my response is usually "Okay." Does that mean I don't care? Of course not. Does that mean I would rather not have a thumb-war with someone back and forth and type novels? That's exactly what that means.

Also #65, being uncomfortable communicating things in person is no excuse. When you're in a relationship, that's part of the responsibility of being with someone else. Proper communication. It's best done face-to-face. It's easier, faster, and you don't feel like chucking your phone at a wall if you don't like what you read.

And yes, I will accept being the asshole for being the one to say it. Sorry guys.

  RandKP  |  21

Or maybe he's an entirely reasonable person that realizes no serious discussion should ever happen over text. Please read #79 above your post. she is a reasonable person.

By  Tyrez  |  32

maybe the problem here is that he is a dick and you are desperate

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