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wait.. how did the letter came to ur neighbour? why? ur gf lives near you? wtf how can you miswrite something that is really similar to your own adress!?


if she really lives that close to you, couldn't you have just walked it over?... I mean it would be faster than wasting a stamp, waiting for the mail man to pick up the outgoing mail, be processed, and then redelivered to what could possibly be the SAME street? just saying O.o


oh yeah and you should tell ur gf what happened so she doesn't think you totally ignored her... i feel bad for both of you, her neighbour prob got rlly excited lmao!!! still i feel bad for all three =/

If she invites you over to fix her "plumbing," simply reply that it will cost her. When she asks (in a sexy voice), "Well, what would you like in payment for your... services?" reply back, "Twenty-five dollars in cash." When she responds with a, "Well, is there any other way to pay for this?" and points to her unbuttoned blouse, smile and respond with a simple, "I'll also take a check." This is assuming, of course, that your neighbor is a "Cougar", "MILF", or female with average looks. If it's a guy, well... stay the course, I guess.

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