By outagrand - / Saturday 1 August 2009 14:08 / Australia
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  Intoxicunt  |  5

But you probably deserve it if you have her DNA.

  jk98girl  |  0

well if your job involves getting tips then you cannot get direct deposit which would make sense in this case considering they said the money was in cash

  genius_man16  |  0

Yes, but $1200?

What could possibly happen that she needs to deposit that money ASAP and somehow can't do it herself?

I say YDI for just not doing it yourself, until you can give me a REALLY good story about why you couldn't.

  Starayo  |  0

Yeah? My dad has me deposit checks worth upwards of five grand at a time because he has to work so hard he only gets about three hours of sleep on average. Family is supposed to be trustworthy.

  akjax  |  0

What #49 said. It's one thing when people use your in place of you're, but when they make the effort to put in the ' and e, it makes it so much better.

By  iain08  |  0

you were just going to buy weed or hookers, YDI.

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