By SoGoodAtLife / Wednesday 9 March 2016 19:30 / Canada - Toronto
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  epicx22  |  22

No, that means there's a possibility OP might be fired sometime soon, and there's no guarantee they'll get the new job ( as far as we now ). Might end up jobless

  militarybrat  |  20

Getting fired is worse than leaving i think for new hires. Especially since the new hire-er knows they are still at their previous job. And yes, they would know it is right on the resume.

By  Mathalamus  |  22

Does it matter? Surely your boss won't care.

  militarybrat  |  20

It absolutely matters. Like i posted previously being fired looks worse than leaving. Also, 2 weeks notice gives them (the company) less time to look for someone to replace the person leaving than KNOWING they will be losing their job and they can search a lot longer.

By  booze_n_bitches  |  35

I don't get why people's bosses would be insulted about their staff moving on. It's a job, not a baby. You're allowed to change jobs, you don't have loyalty to your job. Your job won't mind if you leave. He'll just hire someone else, and the circle of life continues. Pahhh.

  Shade1982  |  18

Also, most companies actually invest in you when they provide you with training etcetera. They wouldn't like to lose that investment if you switch within a certain amount of time.


Maybe my profession is too peripatetic. I just see that it's our lives, we don't live for our work! If we want to move, then there should be no qualms. Just a nice handshake and wishing everyone the best in their next life experience!

By  booze_n_bitches  |  35

I do see what you mean. But I prefer to see it as: I have a skill, which I offer to loan to my employer for a fee (my salary). But I'm not a slave to my employer, it's just a mutually beneficial contract. And if I decide to move on, that's my prerogative. Perhaps other jobs/professions don't work that way. Either way, OP has got himself in a pickle! I hope his boss doesn't fire him for this mishap.


Today, while I was lifeguarding a swim meet with over 100 patrons, a duck paid a visit to our pool. He sat down and a brown cloud surfaced in the water. He immediately flew off. My manager then made me put goggles on and scoop out the poop while everyone watched. FML

By 1sasafras1 / Friday 17 June 2016 04:01 / United States - Jonesborough
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