By impure / Monday 29 September 2014 16:48 / United States
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  cinskeep43  |  15

a faithful girl.... even tho that's a rarity nowadays

  Vegetarian27  |  21

It's funny because guys cheat more than girls.

  silverstream20  |  19

First of all 103 that is nothing more than an unsubstantiated opinion and by no means a fact. Also,the ratio of woman cheating to men cheating is more or less equal. Get actual facts before mouthing off on something you don't know.

  sjbartholome  |  14

funny how you criticized #103 for stating an opinion by yet all you did was SAY your opinion was a fact. So any statement that doesn't agree with yours is automatically an opinion and your statements are always facts? Invalid much?

  silverstream20  |  19

Read my comment again 124. I did not say my opinion was fact. I simply said that the ratio of men and woman cheating is more or less the same. No where did I say it is absolute. As for 103 they said, that it is funny that men cheat more than woman which implies that it is a fact. it is not a fact it is an opinion same as mine.

By  RedMarie  |  6

Take into consideration that a lot of STD's can stay dormant for long periods of time. That being said it could've originated from you...

  colton_colton  |  49

Taking into consider you're an idiot, I'm gonna go w/ the girl cheated on OP

  R3TROxLOV3  |  32

You *say* you don't look like a gremlin, but we have no way of knowing. How can you diss someone over appearances when you don't even have a picture up?

  mip_92  |  27

@2, I think you meant that OP was asymptomatic. I'm also going to go with the girlfriend cheating. Most likely, OP would have gotten tested with his girlfriend and would have also been STD free.

  Enslaved  |  36

I've always heard that if you have a cold sore (which is caused by the herpes virus) and perform oral sex then it can caused genital herpes? The girlfriend might not have cheated, or am I misinformed?

  OhWhoCares  |  42

@2: Not if OP and girlfriend have been together for like 5 years or something... Hence the FML. Pretty sure one of them would figure it out if infection occurred prior to that.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

93, the question wasn't "can you get herpes from oral sex" it was "can you get genital herpes from a cold sore" and the answer to that is, in fact, no. Cold sores are caused by a different strain of the herpes virus and you cannot get genital herpes from that strain, nor can you get a cold sore on your genitals, so there's no need to worry if you/ your partner have a cold sore.

By  onepotato2potato  |  0

Also keep in mind that you can catch some of dirty toilets.

  Faeryl_fml  |  6

Actually, there are some that you can catch from indirect contact. Horrible to consider, but if a herpes sore is open and the fluid transfers to the seat and then to another persons skin....and herpes is just one possibility. Never say never. But those cases are rare, his girlfriend is probably just a slut.

  slyde32  |  12

not impossible, but extremely rare. you'd have to use the toilet immediately after someone infected had just used it, or at least that was what I heard from someone who should know this stuff

  KeinBaum  |  12

Well, you'd have to grind your gentials all over the toilet seat, just as previous, infected person who used the toilet. That's not exactly standart toilet behaviour.

  trina0626  |  3

not just toilet seats.us girls like to try on clothes before buying them swim suits and stuff like that. I was told u can get stuff from that to. I dont know how true it is but I just try to know my size buy it and wash it before wearing. I think everyone should. u know just in case.

By  taylorpric3  |  9

looks like your not the only boyfriend.

  lulinator  |  38

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