By Anonymous - / Sunday 19 December 2010 09:17 / New Zealand
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Hey guys, I don't know how to ask this tactfully, so I'm just gonna ask it straight up: is it at all normal or healthy to have a small gopher-like growth coming out of one's butt?


What the hell are you people smoking? Sirin has nothing to do with this thread. Ballinpro is asking a perfectly reasonable question and no one is being helpful! Ballinpro, the growth is probably your Ron Jeremy Commemorative butt-plug that you accidentally left in after your drunken escapade last night with the circus side-show freaks. A little Vaseline and gentle pressure and it'll come right out. Best of luck.


Unless her soon-to-be boneless foot causes her to somehow develop the power to shoot lasers out of her eyes or control the weather, it doesn't really pay-off to be a "mutant" in this case. *sigh* If only that kind of stuff were possible... The world would be just a little more awesome. :)

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