By Anonymous / Tuesday 19 January 2016 12:43 / Canada - Bedford
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By  Tejanoswhy  |  19

That sucks. Make him clean up next time

  epicx22  |  22

Well the parents were the one who made OP clean up .. Which I don't see why, I honestly would've preferred to take punishment(if it's given) and not clean it up. I would never clean up someone's mess that is that disgusting.

  Nessco  |  36

What is wrong with your parents??? You should have left it and used any other bathroom in the house if there was another one. You should never be expected to do that for your brother.

  jtfrisch  |  22

I don't get why he put it all over the bathroom, I usually just put it in someone's mouth

  DexBanWhore  |  6

what's with the down votes 19 was honestly funny

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