Today, I dislocated my elbow chasing my cat around the hardwood floors of my house in knee-high socks and wiping out going around a corner. The doctors suggested that I not tell people how it happened. FML

By hikari_chan_xo / Wednesday 28 March 2012 12:00 / United States - Auburn Hills
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  KaanTech  |  0

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By  SooInnLovee  |  6

You didn't listen to the doctors!! Haha I'm sorry OP but what did you think was gonna happen with knee high socks and hardwood floors? Silly rabbit tricks are for kids :p

By  loserman67  |  34

What a day you're having, dislocating your shoulder, your doctor more or less mocking your injury and your cat sitting at home laughing it ass off! I'd go back to bed and hope for a better tomorrow.

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