By -_- - / Sunday 28 July 2013 22:58 / United Kingdom - Birmingham
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By  kee_breezy32  |  34

that's fucked up.

By  kee_breezy32  |  34

that's fucked up.

  buddy51  |  23

If only there was a button you could click to say the same thing!!!!

And, actually, it's fucked down since that's where she went....

  subwaysurfers  |  13

I'm not one to automatically say 'dump him' but the high five proves he was trying to make her fall down the steep hill which is extremely dangerous if she hit her head or something. So, I really would rethink the relationship if it were me.

  brave_josh  |  9

How? It's not like there was a giant hole of death at the bottom of the other hill. It's a funny and a safe prank

  Nordrag  |  25

In my opinion there are a lot of determining factors here. How steep is steep? How far did OP fall? Grassy hill or rocky? I mean, for all we know OP could have been perfectly safe falling down the hill. In which case it was a somewhat funny, slightly mean joke, which doesn't deserve an instant "dump him" call. However, if it was a dangerous fall, which honestly I'm going to assume it wasn't, then I could understand OP dumping her boyfriend.

  jsandy1994  |  10

Everyone needs to get off their high horse, it was a joke, get over it.
By the sounds of it, most of you would be awful girlfriends, no fun at all

  ottokat  |  15

Clearly, since he achieved what he set out to do. But don't get too excited with your catch, OP. He's also an asshole. I wonder why seeing his girlfriend fall off a cliff-like structure was a cause of such amusement to him?

By  flashback.miss  |  28

find a patch of thorny rosebushes and push them in.

  Koppol  |  15

That's when she should pull out the camera equipment with her boyfriend's buddy, take a picture, and then the two should high five. Cold, but effective. You'll get him back good with evidence of the whole thing.

By  Rajeshloc  |  14

Maybe using your eyes would have prevented the situation.

  DK_91  |  9

that depends whether or not she knew beforehand or not that her bf is an asshole. Obviously it was his job to look out for her. Idk the relationships you've been in but I would've never expected that from any of the relationships I've been in.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

98- even if she expected him to tell her when to stop, she still should have looked where she was going, to make sure she didn't trip over a rock or uneven spot in the ground, and also because depending how far away the boyfriend was he might not have been able to tell how close she was to the edge. In fact it's entirely possibly that it was an accident, he just couldn't tell how close she was and probably expected her to be smart enough to watch out for herself.

By  buddy51  |  23

Were you shooting reenactments of nursery rhymes? Did you fall down and break your crown or just come tumbling after?
I hope, at the bottom of the hill, you leaped up and shouted up at the laughing idiots that that's how you roll!!

By  guy24  |  9

You're kinda oblivious then.

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