By LeaveTheGuyAlone - / Monday 29 July 2013 00:18 / United States - Brooklyn
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  alexwow1  |  13

Im happy for you


One direction. Down. Don't follow her there. Birds tweet up above ground, not underground

  AngrySailor  |  17

The only "phase" 29 year old girlfriends have is distracting you while the pole holes in condoms or swap their BC pills for sugar pills.

  ottokat  |  15

Thats exactly what I thought. I really don't see how this is f***ing your life, OP, unless of course you are jealous of their non existant relationship. It's a bit sad, maybe, but all in all, not your problem. Unless you are willing to give up your liking for Megan Fox or Kate Upton.

  monnanon  |  13

i can assure you that OPs girlfriend is still considered a creep. who does that sure i follow famous people i like on twitter but im not sure i have ever spoken to them on it never mind bombarded them with tweets.

By  goth_pixie  |  15

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By  phoneYuNOlisten  |  16

Don't you think she is way too old for that?

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