By lovehurts / Monday 14 October 2013 16:02 / United States - Wayne
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By  XAndrea_MalikX  |  16

Aww !! I hope he's ok and did he jump to get away from you ? Because if he did that's horrible !

  skitsmuffin  |  6

Seriously. Op could have paralyzed him.

  skitsmuffin  |  6

Uh people fall off little ladders all the time and break their necks. It's not that funny. Some "little" accident changing someone's life

  Baustigt  |  40

Well clearly he was all right, otherwise OP wouldn't have posted this on a humour site. No need to take it so seriously. Unless he actually did die, and OP is just a psychopath.


@98- You do have a valid point. I had a friend in elementary school who was sitting on the hood of a car one day and fell. The way she hit her head took her out of this world- it was a freaky thing. Thing is though, it's life. We fall down and go boom even as adults, and luckily there usually isn't serious damage. I believe the general rule is if no one got injured, it's ok to laugh; and since this made it to FML I thing we're in the clear :)

  ThaPrelude  |  11

I see what you did there lol

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