By Dirty_Mind_69 - / Saturday 20 July 2013 08:35 / United States - Shreveport
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  LeFrogDog  |  27

sounds like a wet dream


Well you don't seem very nice.

By  Uramonkey  |  11

Maybe you should put your mind and your sleep elsewhere when you are at work...

By  peterubino  |  2

Was ur cock outta ur pants

  Uramonkey  |  11

Lets just hope he didn't have a wet dream and woke up with sticky pants. His coworkers wouldn't let him live that one down for sure ;)

  Uramonkey  |  11

Seems like wet dreams are too taboo for FML with all these comments being thumbed down. It's ok girls, they are only natural ;)

By  HortonThelephant  |  15

Strike my previous comment if you'd please. I can just envision it going something like: "Hey there girl. I brought the spicy chorizo to kick up your night" or something equally terrible...

By  WhoopWhoop321  |  18

Who cooks with just an apron on?? ;)

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