By FaceTime issues / Sunday 6 April 2014 06:57 / United States - Scottsdale
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By  blueboy154  |  12

That happened to me before...


I hear it's a liberating experience to seen one's mother naked and without her knowledge of knowing she accepted the video call.

  Stylux_fml  |  16

#62 I mentioned this on another FML, but am I the only one sick of 's/he' and 'wo/man'? You could have just used 'adult' or 'person' to cover both genders...

By  juststephhere  |  23

Can't get much worse than that...

  Polynomial  |  28

What if was naked too? Or one of them had peanut butter om there genetles? Assuming one of them has a large dog. OP

By  Jellybellybeanz  |  22

How does that even happen??? And eww! Why would you answer the phone in the bathroom?? When call me and I'm in there, I just call back after. They do not need to hear what's going on


*when someone calls me

  NeatNit  |  32

This is just what happens when people use technology. More accurately misuse technology.

Most people can't understand the simplest, most intuitive features. It drives me mad.

By  Maqiick  |  5

I don't see a problem here.

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