By Miriam - / Saturday 10 December 2016 08:44 /
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By  gordjess1  |  19

I had to google what a white elephant party was. It seems to fit well something that costs a bit but if fairly useless. Unless I'm googling the wrong thing?

  evilplatypus  |  35

Basically everyone brings a gift of a certain value for no one in particular, it all gets placed in a pile, and people pick gifts at random not knowing what they'll receive.

By  elsie23  |  11

If you are Muslim it's Haram for you to buy alcohol

  Tripartita  |  44

I imagine some Muslims wouldn't be too thrilled about a woman in public without a burqa, but different sects of different religions choose to acknowledge different parts of their doctrines.

  atradr  |  8

Ah yes, I for one believe we should all become 100% dependent on Google. Unsure of your partner's favorite restaurant? Google it. At dinner with your family? Google what they've been up to. Cute girl across the room? Google image search her. Why ever develop a relevant discussion by interacting with new people when you can just Google it?

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