By N - / Monday 7 May 2012 09:51 / United Kingdom - Glasgow
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  qwaszxwesdxc  |  0

Oh, really? I'll burn your photos then, and see how you like THAT. Jerk.

  robbydoherty  |  0

No #1, not really

  THE_A_TEEN  |  27

Yes jasmine1259, parents burn pictures of their kids because they disappoint them for shots and giggles.
Honestly, that's a sign that you hate your kid, no humour in it.

  jasmine1259  |  2

I'm saying that what the father said (most likely as a joke) is funny, not if that was the actual reason. I doubt he actually burns his kid's photos. Please read my comment correctly before posting nonsense.

  THE_A_TEEN  |  27

You never actually stated that exact reason until I posted. You only said " That's kind of hilarious. I'm sure he was joking though", never clarifying what you ment. Quit trying to save your arse.

  jasmine1259  |  2

Sorry if I thought that was obvious. How can you jokingly burn something? You either burn it or you don't. Therefore I was referring to the dad's comment. I guess I just assumed it was common sense, my bad.

  clauderah  |  5

Stop fighting. Number 1's comment made perfect sense to me, I see no reason to be offended.

The dad in this FML was obviously joking, you can tell because that part is the punchline.

  DomDomxoxo  |  16

THE_A_TEEN: I have nothing against you personally, but everytime I see your picture, I know it's going to be a bad comment that people will bury faster than a corpse. Take a hint.

  Duladian  |  19

I was going to down vote your comment, but I decided the pun wasn't all that bad. There are far worse.

  ClassyCommando  |  13

Daughter: Dad, why are there no pictures of me anywhere?
Dad: Because every time you disappoint me, I burn a picture of you...
(Daughter runs away crying)
Dad: ...Onto a disk so that they take up less space!

By  nirvi  |  3

Wah.. Harsh luck, mate..

  peterlikes  |  3

Your sooo stupid "mate"!!!

By  qwaszxwesdxc  |  0

Do the same thing for him, except with his condoms

  TwiztedYuri  |  9

why burn them? she can take them and use them to stay safe. and not disappoint her father by getting pregnant. save a picture at the same time. maybe one will go up on the wall for being smart


Because I'm pretty sure you wouldn't like it either if your mom put up embarrassing pictures of you. Keep them if you really want to, but don't put it up for everyone who comes in the house to see! Pretty sure you wouldn't like your significant other to see pictures of you from Middle School, during the "awkward" stage in life..

By  SkoomaKi  |  24

Interesting ritual your dad has there. He probably has photos of you on the computer which he deletes with the same satisfaction as burning them. Either don't disappoint or go for the better option of burning the other pictures of your family.

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