By xoothc08 / Wednesday 25 February 2009 22:06 / United States
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I know how to fix it attatch a match to it and run out the door but before you leave paint her walls with gasoline and make it say this is the other day i left for college suck it bitches


Just ask yourself what you did to make your family hate you. If a bunch of old memories of fucking shit up with homie's pop up, then you probably deserve it. If your moms just one of the many who's head is lost in her own cloud of contempt and self hatred and shame for her own failures in life, and escapes the pain by projecting it outwards then yes your situation may not be pleasant. Thank God you have the chance to pursue and education. Just sever all ties and make your own family. One wher

OUCH. x( That's horrible and cruel of them. You should draw a mustache on everyone in the portrait with a Sharpie :P. And I hope they're paying for college lol, I have to agree with #6 on that one.

oh shit eh that really sucks. if it makes you feel any better i've been away from home havnt seen my parents in over 10 months and they didnt even call me on christmas.

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