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Maybe it's op's name sherronj. I like it, the word has a ring to it reminds you of holly j and you could spend 5 minutes trying to pronounce it!


29: "you guys suck" is not advice. and where does it say OP flipped a shit? you wouldn't know how they took it.


well trust me , when u get inside the competition , they'll be the one standing in the crowd and wear tshirts asking people vote for u .


On abdc, the only way you can really humiliate yourself is by having a bad fall or behaving inappropriately. If they're as bad as OP mom says and don't make it past auditions, then they'd never have the chance to do it on tv. However, they would embarrass themselves in front of the judges at the audition as well as waste a bunch of time auditioning. :)

maby u should watch a video of urself before you go so u don't look like those idiots that think there amazing but really arnt

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