By Anonymous / Monday 2 April 2012 19:42 / United States
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  littlemissFYL  |  5

Nope he's cheating on you that's why he didn't wanna talk in front of you. Dump his ass.

  Cad6  |  24

^Were the caps really necessary?

By  Cad6  |  24

Looks like you can't "cell" your phone anymore. :( sucks.

By  bkingkingking  |  13

why would he be answering your phone? somebody sounds a teeny tiny bit obsessive... and violent

  livkoko  |  15

I'm pretty sure OP means he couldn't be bothered to deal with keys and commands on her phone to shut it up so he destroyed it instead. No violence inferred...

  cajekraze  |  7

Moreover, waking guys from sleep suddenly, like the sharp sound of a phone ringing, can cause an adrenaline reaction. What comes then is often uncontrollable to an extent

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