By zain / Saturday 4 June 2011 06:15 / United States
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this is something me an my friends would do lol were retarded

  lexa1love  |  16

It is still dangerous. Just by keeping an eye on them you are distracting yourself from the other patrons, who might actually be drowning. I lifeguard and I would have them all dismissed from the pool. There are plenty of other games and things to do besides that.

By  smellymellyy  |  7

sounds like fun can i play?

  ViciousFoxes  |  0

Yes! I hate children. I imagine I would like my own, if I had any, but I could never have a job that involved watching or taking care of other peoples' children because I hate them so.

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  22

I'm with ViciousFoxes, I can not stand kids. I know that I was once a child as well. I've seen home movies and let me tell you, I like every other child is, was annoying as hell. I can't stand to watch myself in home movies. This includes family children too. I love my niece and my cousins and wouldn't do a thing to hurt them, but I don't want to hang out around them because children are annoying.

  CoconutMuffin  |  5

22, Chill out. Yes, kids can be annoying. But then there are the cool ones. Like when I was in 8th grade I hung out with litterally everyone, little kids included. Like adults can be annoying as any little kid. It's just life girl.

By  lolzkitty  |  0

then save the cutest one

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