By Anonymous - / Tuesday 25 March 2014 21:53 / United States - Springboro
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  badluckalex  |  23

op should take the turd and smear it all over the kids face. :)

By  razi1  |  20

Oh crap, good luck with any lawsuits

By  Michaelgf  |  13

It's funny how the world works at times...

  jojimugo  |  19

That shit ain't funny, no pun intended

By  feven  |  32

Normally I would be understanding towards the parents (you guys not taking more precaution towards their children's safety and such) but this is unacceptable. You don't deserve it. That fucking kid needs help.

  junkman6  |  22

You can't expect one person who's watching for drowning to watch out for the myriad of other idiotic things children do when they're horsing around.


There's usually a 'no running' rule at pools, also known as 'you'll slip and fall, idiot' rule. If the kids aren't sticking to basic pool safety etiquette, it's hardly the lifeguard's fault.

  junkman6  |  22

That's not fair at all. Lifeguards can't enforce any rules and kids know it. All they can do is say "no running" and blow their whistle. Beyond that they'd have to deal with idiot parents saying the lifeguard was "bullying" their kid for doing anything more.

Trust me I've seen it and I've seen people get fired for trying to enforce rules around other peoples kids.

  dawnimus  |  21

I used to be a lifeguard and was constantly asked to provide plasters (band-aids) for scraped knees etc. When I pointed them to the first aid hut and said I didn't carry them (because I go in the water and they'd get wet), I would get absolutely horrified looks from parents who thought it was my job to stop watching my water and go and fetch their bratty little kid a bandage. Note to parents: lifeguard not looking at the pool = unsafe pool.

  junkman6  |  22

FML used to be amazing for the sarcastic remarks. Now it seems like every comment wants to comfort and console someone for doing something stupid. C'est la vie I miss docbastard, perdix, and Noor comments that weren't buried by hypersensitive teenagers.

  Nyx_fml  |  23

I don't know, junkman. It seems to me like it's more about people making bad jokes and then hiding under the "it was sarcasm" excuse. OR maybe people just didn't think it was funny? Jesus, people care about thumbs way too much. Maybe that's why they end up making unfunny, desperate, obvious jokes.

  Sandsh8rk  |  36

#93, I was already aware of the sarcasm when I made my comment. I tried to make an equally sarcastic comment, obviously it didn't work out too well.

By  ber4fun13  |  10

Hmm...there's a certain term for this kind of situation..

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