By Connie / Saturday 4 June 2011 06:00 / United States
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I don't see the FML about this. People at my school walk around in sweats, or their pajama pants and slippers. Other than that the only way I see it as an FML is if OP has to wear a uniform to school.

By  smellymellyy  |  7

i get all the guys when i wear my slippers to school, theyre pengg!


Today, I decided to pull a prank on my girlfriend by hiding in the closet and scaring her when she came home. I got in and closed the closet doors, only to realize I couldn't open them from the inside. She just texted me to say she covered for a friend and won't be home for 6 more hours. FML

By "senordonkeydildo" - / Wednesday 26 April 2017 05:00 / United States - Center Conway
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