By Anonymous / Saturday 17 September 2011 01:24 / United States
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It's alright OP. You may look like crazy stalker weirdo but at least you look like a kind crazy stalker weirdo. ..Or maybe he just thinks your going to take a key and a piece of his hair off of his shoulder to try and do voodoo on him...


Did the guy look at you like you were creepy? Anyone like my pic? It was on a pet store I passed by in my town. Awesomeness.


I hear you. Once I was robbing this bank, and some lady thought I was Justin Bieber. It sucks to be on the wrong end of a misunderstanding...

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I understand why you did what you did, but don't get why you didnt just call the local YMCA branch and tell them you found his lost keys? They could've notified him for you and saved you any embarrassment.


You understand why he did what he did, but you don't know why he did what he did instead if what you said he should do. Ok that's cleared up.

Oh nooooo how embarrassing. Isn't that what Facebook is made for, and why everyone uses it? So other people can look through it? If no one looked at it then what's the point?


People don't have their contact details on public view on facebook so op would have been better off handing them in to the YMCA.

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