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Okay, so you stole someone's stuff, and you got caught by your own stupidity. I get it now! His life isn't F'd because he got caught for stealing his "friend's" stuff, it's F'd because HE'S A DUMBASS!


The OP didn't say they got caught...if he realized as soon as he sent the friend request what his profile pic was..why couldn't he just delete it? What are the chances the guy who threw the party would be on facebook at that exact second to see the picture? Lame fml


Yes! Let's take a picture of the thing we just stole and post said picture on a public website! To make things better, let's get in the picture with it! Peppy, you take the photo! Nope...don't see anything illogical in what we're doing! None whatsoever! idiot...


if she was 8th how the fuck could she be talking about 34? is she some wizard that knows exactly what people will post in the future?

you dumb ass bastard, who the fucks steals throphies, why the fuck would you want one, why the fuck do you come on here to post it? i say fuck alot win

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